PANORAMA of global security environment


Over the past years, a lot of ink has been spilled on the nature
of the U.S.-China relations. China’s rise is a fact and remains
so far a peaceful process. As China grows stronger, uncertainty
about the bilateral relationship between Washington and Beijing
will only increase. Will China assimilate to the existing order, or
challenge it? How will the U.S. respond to China’s rising power
status? Some scholars argue that due to the fact that the current
international order is defined by economic and political openness,
China’s rise can be serenely accommodated. Based on this liberal
argument, the U.S. will concede with China’s rise and the latter
will not question American supremacy. According to this view,
Beijing espouses the role of a responsible power by avoiding the
use of force in international relations, by deploying troops as UN
peacekeepers and by participating in counter-piracy operations
in the Gulf of Aden (Goldstein 2011, 90). Through the realist
lens though, China’s rapid economic growth, continued military
modernization and expanding global influence, are perceived as
a serious threat to Washington’s global interests (Glaser 2011,
80). From a realist perspective, the rise of China is recognized
as a major challenge for the U.S. Taking into account the global
financial crisis, where the U.S. is declining economically, the
containment of China seems as an unquestionable choice (Chase
2011, 134).

Management of great power politics was never an easy task
(Mearsheimer 2001) and the U.S.-China relationship does
not seem to escape this reality. Elements of balancing and
containment are present, but at the same time, one can spot areas
of cooperation and increasing interdependence in the economic
sphere. As a result, both powers are searching for a way to frame
their complex relationship for the coming decades. Despite the
existence of a vast literature on the U.S.-China relations, anyone
attempting to untangle the complexities of this relationship
cannot afford to ignore the way these two powers interact in the
cyber realm.

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